Design Your own clothing

Do you ever see a style and you think that is nice but if it just was in this colour or fabric or if it had a sleeve, or was a little longer/shorter ?

Kelly & Port have the solution for you! You pick the silhouette/style you like and then you choose your fabrics and colours etc.  whether you want a shorter sleeve or hemline no sleeve.  

We will help you with your choices and guide you with what fabrics will work in the style you choose.

Vi (pictured above) won a Design your own top and a mini makeover in a recent competition from one of our collaborations with Ruby Slippers Styling.  

This is her design! Vi is getting married in a couple of months and wanted to have something to wear during all the celebrations over the week of her wedding so she chose the lovely lace.  We made it a little longer for her and she wanted sleeveless. 

How does it work?

1. Make an appointment to come and view our styles choose which one you would like depending on what you need it for, you might like to choose a few pieces that all work together?  

2. Once you have chosen the style(s) you like we can take you through the current fabrics available.  

3. Once you have chosen the style(s) and fabrics we then go through any other customisations e.g. neckline, sleeve lengths, hemline lengths.  

4.  We then have your piece(s) made up especially for you within 14 days.  We will let you know if it may be longer.  

5. You can either pick up you new design or we can send to you free of charge.  

Contact us at or call 0438457995 to book your appointment.



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