How to wear denim other than in jeans

Denim is my favourite fabric. It is tough, has a great structure and these days so comfortable. As most of you are aware jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss as a work pant. However denim is even older than that. It was invented in Genova, Italy in the 1500s for the sailors of the time. The name denim came from the word de Nimes meaning the town of Nimes in France where it was originally made and then called denim. 

Kelly & Port A line skirt and Military style vest in blue denim, black denim pencil

Alexa Chung in a cute denim shirt dress. Photo c/o- and Diane Kruger in Chanel c/


Not only have most of us embraced jeans as our main staple in our wardrobe for years, Technology has made them the most comfortable things to wear over the last ten years apart from pyjamas and track pants!

The elastane that is now in most denims is incredible.  It not only is comfortable and has lots of stretch, it has a a structure and that helps suck the tummy in and other areas that some of us need a little suction in. Yet you will not feel like you are restricted.  

So when you are buying jeans with lots of stretch in them be sure to go down a size or two as the elastane does give a fair bit after wearing.   

Apart from denim in jeans we are now seeing denim used in dresses, skirts, shorts and even shoes! You can also get denim in nearly every colour. 






Kelly & Port slouchy black denim and ponte pants, denim crop top and a line skirt. 


Work men in Genova, Italy wearing original denim. Photo c/o- blu-di-genova


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