Should Women over 40 wear sequins and leather?

An issue that I have seen popping up in blogs, social media and talk shows a lot over the last few months, is “Appropriate items for women over a certain age to wear”.

Some of these articles are supposedly helping we 40-plus women choose what is right and appropriate for us. Amazingly, most are written by 25 to 30 year olds.

I have read very ageist statements such as “Women over 40 shouldn’t wear tight jeans, short skirts, leather or sequins” Okay, we hear you! There are some styles that do look better on the young.

Oh dear, below I have put, fur, sequins and leather together.  Someone lock me up!

I myself love to study how the young express their style. It is a time to explore and discover. I remember as a 21 year old going for an interview with an Australian designer many years ago.  He asked me “Where do you buy your clothes?”. I somehow knew he wouldn’t like what I was going to say, “Op shops, Jag, Target, Stuart Membery and various random stores".  When I liked something, whether it was something I could afford right away or had to lay-buy, if I liked it, I wasn't concerned with who the designer was. 

My style was in experimental mode. Somehow over the years it hasn’t changed much! However I am a creative style, so I can switch from outlandishly colorful, mixing prints and layering to completely classic the next day.

What these lovely younger ladies, who feel the need to tell us what not to wear, don’t understand is that, yes, we have changing bodies and require a slight change in styling but, yes, we still have spirit and spunk.

I have seen women well over 30 rocking a short skirt, tight jeans, sky high heels, sequins, leather and heaven forbid, wearing a bikini. I am not saying I am rocking this look but I felt comfortable in it and I mixed sequins and leather.  Woohoo! I am a rebel!!


One thing I do hear a lot from women over 40 is "I wouldn’t I wear it, I don’t have the need for it".

Is this because our younger counterparts have made a judgment call that over a certain age you have no right to try to look good?  You should just give up because you are ageing and nobody cares about you anymore.

This saddens me because at 47 I really want to wear sequins and high heels, I want to wear leather and denim and get my eyelashes and nails done and a fake tan every now and then, just as much as the 20 year old down the road.

Come on ladies, younger and older, from a young age most of us know how much fun it is and how good we feel to put on our party outfits, get our hair done, slap on the lippy and look our best. It is not shallow, it is not indulgent, it is respecting ourselves and loving who we are.

If it is not your thing, that is fine too but let's not be dictated to by judgments that put us in the rocking chair knitting!!!

So, yes, we have started changing! We are not who we were at 25! Too right! Thank God, we are so much more!

 Everyone has the right to shine!!!


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